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The SamKnows broadband measurement solution is being developed continually to include more tests and richer reporting. Our methodology has been reviewed thoroughly by the world's leading Internet and network performance measurement experts. We believe that it is essential that our methodology is documented and updated as enhancements are released. Below you will find an archive of technical papers and fact sheets that we have created during the course of the project.

It is important to note that the SamKnows test platform is highly flexible and portable. Our solution is currently being used, for example, by:

  • the largest ISPs in the world to benchmark their network performance;
  • the US, UK, European, Brazilian, and Singaporean governments to assess national internet infrastructure;
  • global investment banks to measure sub-second latency on their trading platforms;
  • academics around the world as a basis for groundbreaking analysis and research.

We welcome your feedback.

The following documents contain technical information regarding the SamKnows test methodology for both fixed and mobile broadband performance measurement. These documents should be considered as works in progress and any feedback is welcomed. This section is updated from time to time, as are the documents themselves.
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Adobe PDF icon Sample Size Methodology
Test Suite
Adobe PDF icon Test Suite Whitepaper
Test Node
Adobe PDF icon Test Node Briefing Note
Test Methodology