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Sign up with us today to accurately measure your home broadband performance.

The SamKnows Whitebox is an industry-approved measuring device, designed to measure performance of your broadband connection. It has been developed to enable you to measure accurately the performance of your ISP.

Please pay close attention to the points below, as these may affect your eligibility to participate in the study:

The requirements we ask our volunteers to meet are as follows:

  • You have a fixed line broadband Internet connection to your home.
  • You use a router to connect to your broadband service. This router must be capable of providing DHCP.
  • You have a stable broadband connection (i.e., it doesn't disconnect frequently). Note that this refers just to the connection, not the speed.
  • You have a spare power socket near your existing router (or wherever you plan to connect the unit. Keep in mind that a network cable must run between the unit and your router, though! We supply a 1m cable).
  • You need to be a current customer of one of the major ISPs in your country.
  • You are not an employee or a family member of an employee of one of the ISPs being monitored.
  • NOTE: The Whiteboxes download approximately 3GB per month and upload around 1GB if you're on a sub-50Mbps product. For products faster than 50Mbps, the usage volume is higher and varies by product speed. If you're on a product with a low usage cap then we'd advise against signing up, or at least informing us beforehand so that we can apply a different testing profile.

In addition to the above we also ask that you agree to a set of terms and conditions that are broadly summarised by the points shown:

  • Not to unplug the unit or your ISP's router unless you're away for an extended period of time.
  • Not to attempt to reverse engineer or alter the unit.
  • To notify SamKnows if and when I choose to change ISPs.
  • To return the unit to SamKnows should I no longer wish to be involved. (SamKnows to pay reasonable postage costs.)
  • To connect the unit in the way described in the documentation.
  • To keep SamKnows updated with valid contact details (i.e., email and postal address).