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The Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia and SamKnows project is a unique project that aims to gather and report statistical data on the performance of broadband providers across Mongolia. Being able to compare broadband on price, headline speeds (which are still the subject of much controversy!), anecdotal discussion, and speed tester results just isn't enough — the project, with your help, aims to put the information back in the public's hands.

We have been deploying our rather lovely SamKnows "Whiteboxes", an asset to any home, filled with some clever technology, to volunteers all around the world since 2010. Once connected to your fixed home network, the unit performs a series of tests at regular intervals during the day, every day of the year, with little to no involvement from you — simple! The results of these tests are then fed up to our reporting engine and combined with the results of others on the same ISP to form a national view of how that ISP is performing. We're even working towards future deployments that will allow us to drill down to regional and/or product performance.

This project goes far beyond running just speed tests; our Whiteboxes are lean, mean broadband testing machines periodically checking latency, packet loss, DNS query times and failures, and web page loading times, as well as the obligatory suite of speed tests. Additional tests are also in development. The goal is to provide a statistically-sound measurement of overall broadband quality.

And that's not all! Our SamKnows Smartphone App also enables you to measure Mobile broadband performance for the first time.