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Mobile Privacy Policy
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What Information We Collect

The information we collect about your broadband performance is anonymous. No unique or persistent identifier is associated with any data we collect from you. We do not label the data we collect from you with anything that would directly identify your handset. Because your data is part of an anonymous pool that includes information collected from all participants, the risk of someone being able to successfully identify an individual from the data is minimal.

We collect five kinds of information to measure the performance of your mobile broadband service:

When we measure your mobile broadband performance, we identify the location and unique ID of the cell tower that is providing that service and the GPS location of your device when the measurements were made.
Time of data collection
We record the times when we perform measurements of your mobile broadband performance. Some measurements function by recording a start and end time.
Handset type and operating system version
When the measurement Application starts, we record the manufacturer and model of phone you are using and the version of the operating system installed on your phone.
Cellular performance and characteristics
We collect information about your cellular phone performance, such as your service provider, the strength of the radio signal, and what type of connection (3G or 4G) service you have.
Broadband performance

The Application tests your mobile broadband upload and download rate, round trip latency, jitter, and packet loss measured between your handset and our servers managed by SamKnows.

This data is stored on your phone in the Application's sandbox (a protected private area for the Application) for you to review and is periodically uploaded to our servers. Older data is also periodically deleted from your phone.

Third Party Data Sharing

The data we collect is helpful for consumers, the CRC, and others interested in understanding mobile broadband in Mongolia. We share your mobile broadband performance information in four ways:

We may share your mobile broadband performance information within the CRC to write our Broadband Report on Mobile Performance and to support our development of broadband policy.
Third-Party Partners Who Help Us Run Our Test and Support Our Program
CRC shares your mobile broadband performance information with SamKnows, who manages the measurement program; with partners who support the program and architecture; and with partners supporting our analysis or contributing peer reviews.
Data Available to the Public
We will publish aggregated averages and minimally necessary datasets that support our review of the statistics that we determine pose very low risks to your privacy, including:
Aggregated Data
We plan to publish averages and other aggregated statistics that describe important features of mobile broadband performance. These highly aggregated statistics pose very low risks to your privacy.
Processed Coarsened Raw Data
We plan to publish only the anonymous data in a processed and coarsened form that supports the averages and other statistics that we publish in our reports. Prior to release of this data, the CRC and researchers skilled in the field of statistics and computer science will identify patterns in the raw data that could be exploited to compromise your privacy. If we find concerns, we will take steps to address the risks by making the time, location, or other information less specific, limiting the combinations of information we release, or deleting information. For example, the analysis we perform would identify and address risks from a third party combining the location information in the data we collect with other sources of information to try to identify your handset in our database. We will publicly release the results of this analysis to ensure the quality of our review and will also describe the measures we took to protect your anonymity. We will not release individual volunteers' time and location information publicly.
Pursuant to legitimate requests by law enforcement or where otherwise required by law or regulation
We may share mobile broadband performance data collected by this Application subject to legitimate requests by law enforcement or where otherwise required by law or regulation.

Data Consumption

By default the Application is configured to use no more than 100 megabytes (MB) of data each month for automated testing. Any additional tests you initiate will also consume between 100 kilobytes (kB) for the smallest packet loss test and 7MB for a complete suite of tests. At any time you can change the amount of data the Application uses by increasing or reducing the "mobile data cap" in the settings menu. You should ensure that your monthly broadband usage, including the data used by the Application and Service during the Program, does not exceed the data allowance included in your mobile broadband package. Your carrier may charge you for any data used in excess of your package's data allowance.

Stopping Your Participation

If at any time you want to stop participating in this program, simply delete the Application and the accompanying data and the Application will not collect further data. Any data collected prior to the deletion of the Application will remain in the data sets, subject to the above terms and protections.