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Fixed Broadband
Join our Mongolian campaign...
Sign up with us today to accurately measure your home broadband performance.

Sign up to contribute to monitor Mongolian broadband and track the performance of your own home connection.

By joining this project, each successful volunteer gets a free SamKnows measurement box which couldn't be simpler to use. The box plugs into your modem/router and — with no effort from you — runs a series of tests in the background to accurately measure home Internet performance.

For the first time, you can see comprehensive statistics on your Internet performance, just as detailed as the data your ISP will have on its network but specific to your own home connection. You can use this amazing wealth of information to troubleshoot problems with your Internet connection and compare your performance to the service purchased from your ISP.

You will also have access to SamKnows Analytics, which includes a monthly email summarising performance, an iPhone/Android app for monitoring tests on the move, and a detailed, web-based reporting system for even more in-depth analysis and troubleshooting.